Tuesday 20 October 2015


20th October 2015

We arrived back in Hanoi at 5.30am this morning after a night on the train-an experience!

As we drove back to our hotel there were hundreds of people doing tai chi in the big park, people running, jogging, cycling and power walking.

Had a shower and breakfast, so much choice in the buffet including salads, noodles, fresh fruit, breads, cakes and pancakes. I chose a selection of 5 fruits with pancakes, quite delicious!

We have an hour before we see silk making, see the Hanoi Hilton Prison?? and a water puppet show at the theatre, another full day.


Some photos from a visit to the museum in Sapa.....

....think I mentioned in my last post about the cultivation here, these were potted seedlings on the steps up to the museum....

....typical embroidery on woven hemp in this wallhanging, such beautiful work...

....this lady was making hats on her treadle machine, the woven seat on the right is typical of seeing in this area, fine to sit on but not so easy to get back up!!!

This lady was weaving dyed hemp, working the loom with her feet....

....lilac thread on the loom with a deeper blue on the shuttle resulting in a beautiful fabric.

Traditional wedding outfits for the Hmong people, the marriages are arranged by the parents, information about the couple is given to the Shaman who says whether it is a good match. The couple do not meet before the wedding day and the bride has the red, beautifully woven covering over her head and face. After the ceremony the headdress is removed and the couple see each other for the first time! This tradition is still followed today.

A typical shrine in a home, each square represents a deceased family member and prayers are said daily.

A model of an old Hmong house built from seasoned wood, one doorway into one room that housed the family and animals. The red cloth over the doorway is blessed by Shaman.

Another form is this 'mud' walled house with bamboo leaves on the roof.

The Catholic Church in Sapa....

....very simple inside with beautiful flower arrangements...

I have just downloaded 106 photos from yesterday!

Did I mention Jane in our group tells us how far we have walked using her wrist gadget, while in Sapa we walked about 13 miles so we NEED to eat the delicious food!!!

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