Friday 28 August 2015

Physical Activity and a little Creativity......

28th August 2015

Started the day litter picking and deadheading in the park.

Then went for a bike ride along the promenade, fabulous when the strong wind was behind me, hard work on the way back!! Still enjoyed the exercise.

I have not been able to create this week so today looked at my Pinterest pins for some inspiration.....

.......saw this idea for Christmas!!!! I can hear you groan!

This was a small piece of sari silk fabric I made ages ago. I have prepared two tree decorations using a cinnamon stick for the trunk and star anise for the star at the top, what do you think?

The remaining fabric is going to be a needle case and pin cushion as a gift.

Prepared a card using a variety of papers, will stitch tomorrow.


Made these strips to show the yarn-bombing group when we resume in September, these can be wrapped around tree trunks.

Prepared this felt using my embellisher for autumn leaves on a weaving I did ages ago!!!

Lots to do for the rest of the weekend, hope you all have a good one!

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