Friday 21 August 2015

An Interesting and Unusual Day....

21st August 2015

My day began with a trip to the surgery for my vaccinations for my trip to Vietnam in October......

.....then went to the park, with my new camera, for some deadheading/weeding.....

...lots of deadheading needed on this 'curry plant'.... enjoyable break for a cuppa and natter.....

.....not a lot of progress in 1 hour!!

Sunflowers planted by the children in the Friday group at our community centre...

.....this should be flowering next week, love sunflowers!

Proof that weeds will grow anywhere!!

This dandelion is growing in the bowling shelter through 'plastic grass'!!!


This afternoon I spent a couple of hours with a local 'dementia' group to find out the foods they enjoyed when younger as part of the Embroiderer's Guild project, old tablecloths and napkins are to be embroidered with words / food in a joint project with the groups helping people with dementia, funded by the Arts Council. 

I played 'Higher/Lower' and Bingo with the group and favourite foods included roast beef dinner, potato pie and Dandelion and Burdock delivered in stone jars!!

The dementia sufferers were accompanied by wife/ husband/son/daughter and the patience and love was INCREDIBLE and I felt privileged to be in that group for 2 hours.

Think this camera is great but need to practice more!!

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