Tuesday 3 December 2013

Attempting Shadow Technique!!!

3rd December 2013

Shadow technique is where shapes are layered between two pieces of transparent fabric.

I chose some shaded organza and pink skeleton leaves....

..the leaves are attached at the centre with a small circle of bondaweb.

Next I folded the organza over to make a 'sandwich' and heat cut the edges. For the centre I heat cut 4 layers of fabric into 2 circles...( for back and front of work)

..and stitched with gold thread...

unfortunately the organza puckered!! I used my soldering iron to cut out the flower..

..a bit lop sided!! 

 This is also not a panel to hang on a window, hence attempting in the title!!

I think I will have to use a tear-away fabric/paper for stitching. 

This is going to take a LOT of practise!! 


  1. I like this. The way you have built it is so clear here.

  2. Thank you but it should be in a panel!!