Saturday 28 December 2013

Another Secret Project

28th December 2013

This project was a gift for my daughter.

I made this picture in Unit 2 with my dyed fabrics and yarns and Catherine liked the colours.

These colours were popular when I had my craft stall and I sold both pictures in these shades!

I decided to make a picture using the same fabrics and yarns but also incorporated my new skills!

This picture was also bigger, 9 inch square.

I began by backing a variety of my fabrics with Bondaweb, then cut out circles....

I also plaited, corded and wove yarns to add variation in colour and texture... came the positioning of all 55 circles!

This took a while....

Corded yarn circle...

..woven (middle right)

...darker circle on the left is plaited and couched yarn...

..when all were in place I ironed remembering to use baking parchment.. came the free stitching and I did it in stages as it took quite a while!

I used a variety of threads including my variegated and some beautiful silk thread, matching the shades with the various fabrics.
 First I machined around the overlapping circles in satin stitch, I think this took about 4 hours in all!

Then I just had fun using all the stitches I had been practising over the last few months, straight, zigzag, granite spirals. It was great to see the picture come alive! 
This also took about 4 hours as I did it in stages.

When I came to mount my creation the backing fabric showed at the edges even though I had made the picture larger than the aperture! Again the dense machining had reduced the size of the backing fabric....

so I shaded in around the edges with straight stitch and variegated thread- problem solved and another lesson learned!

The colour in my photos isn't very good as the natural light was very poor!!

Just 2 more secret projects to reveal then back to creating my extended samples!!

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