Tuesday 12 May 2020

Rainbow tree wrap and bunting and more creativity!

12th May 2020

The last couple of weeks I have been doing rainbow crochet in my community...

...this is bunting for a gazebo.


 Some cards I have made by layering up hand made papers...

...strips of paper for the background with some of my pressed flowers and leaves.


I joined a fb group featuring textile artists and this piece was inspired by Anne Kelly....

...this was my first layout but felt it was too fussy!

My second attempt using my own dyed fabric for the bowl and background with old linens, collected over the years from charity shops, to make the flowers in the bowl.

A feature of Anne Kelly's work is overstitching, I started as you can see on the right from he centre but unfortunately the motor on my machine gave out at this point so not yet completed!! I hope to finish when my new machine arrives, watch this space!


I am fortunate to live very near Richmond Park and this is my walk from a couple of days ago.... these natural tree 'sculptures'.


I have also taken part in sew4thesoul with Anne Brooke....

...still more stitching, beads and buttons to add...

...a very enjoyable relaxing task producing a bobbin wall hanging when completed.

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  1. What a lovely idea all the rainbow bunting and the tree wrap.