Sunday 7 June 2020

Bunting and walks in the park....

7th June 2020

I have made bunting for my grandson's bedroom using rainbow coloured fabrics for the letters......

...firstly I had to decide on the size and letter shapes, drew them out on freezer paper, amazing stuff that can be ironed on fabric then cut out, this was placed on bondaweb backed fabric, ironed, then cut out..... took a while to make all the letters!!

I made the bunting from calico, stitched around each letter using chain stitch, backed the fabric then did a running stitch around the edge. The rainbows at each end were made from the fabric that was left with the bondaweb backing. I had some cotton lace to join all the pieces. So enjoyed making this.
 The running stitch thread matched the letter.

Then made some for my granddaughter, I dyed some old linen for this and made unicorns for each end to match her bedding, a rainbow tail and fluffy rainbow coloured mane.

I took a photo of the bunting but seem to have inadvertently deleted it!!!


As I have mentioned previously I live very near Richmond Park and the last two weeks my daughter has come for a socially distanced visit with the children. 


We go for a walk in the park and build dens...

and quietly watch the deer from a distance, here they are resting and from the path could be easily missed.


Kew has re-opened but you have to book a slot as numbers are restricted, I am going on Tuesday so my next post will include photos from there and perhaps pictures of my next project.....

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