Monday 1 April 2019

Felt Wallhanging

1st April 2019

I was inspired at the exhibition I visited last weekend to make a small felt wallhanging for my hallway using fleece from my stash.....

...fleece added to pre-felt on my embellisher....

...looks like tree bark...

...mounted on a narrow strip of wall between my bedroom and bathroom..

....close up detail of hand stitching....

.....I really enjoyed the hand stitching while listening to my story tape.


Also completed my bowl this week after much procrastination!!

Threaded a silk strip through the punched holes on the edge and added tiny beads in shades of blue.

Finished and framed my shell picture by adding hand stitch and a hand made bead that I made a long time ago!!

I am so pleased with my woven shells picture, all ready for my craft fair next Saturday!

Have a good week....

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