Tuesday 15 August 2017

Not Everything Works Out !!!

15th August 2017

Remember this preparation....

....stitched, ribbons added...

...handmade cords and free machining....

...close up.... the texture but prefer brighter colours!

Made a cord as I will probably make a note book cover with the fabric.


Haven't baked for ages so made a carrot cake...

....very moist and delicious according to my son and disappearing FAST!!


Decorated the cover of a small Pink Pig sketchbook.


Decided to make some fabric using sparkly threads used in my book cover fabric, took what I THOUGHT was soluble film and sandwiched lots of threads....

....stitched with metallic threads...

.....put in cold water, did not dissolve, put it in hot water, didn't dissolve, ironed between baking parchment, still did not dissolve but hardened!!!

Don't know what the 'film' was but it definitely wasn't soluble film so I don't have a sparkly new fabric!!!


I went to visit a friend yesterday who has a 'March Fracture' in her right foot, apparently caused by dancing!! She gave me this book... a memento of my time volunteering in the park and starting the yarn bombing event!!

I was so THRILLED to have this book of memories.

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