Monday 22 June 2015

Healthy Eating...

22nd June 2015

While I was away last week my daughter was talking about her "Nutribullet' which is a kitchen machine that makes nutritious drinks, I bought one...... the cup, spinach, fresh mixed fruit, fresh ginger,  omega mixed seeds and coconut water... glass of a tasty, nutritious drink, the colour is odd due to the spinach!

My son is enjoying experimenting!


Yesterday I went for another walk around the zoo/golf course the opposite way.... is strange how different everything looks! Jack loved it, lots of new sniffs!

The lake, iris and bullrushes and buttercups....

...the heron is watching the water....

.....lots of this lovely fencing along the side of the path, where would we be without volunteers?


My fabulous clematis on our shed....

....lovely colours in the boxes in our back area.


Have made another strip of colourful bunting and still knitting!

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