Wednesday 7 May 2014

Wood Carving Tool Roll

7th May 2014

My son's birthday was in February and he requested a tool roll for his wood carving tools.

I actually made it yesterday!

I bought the fabric from The Cloth House in London-fabulous fabric shop!

I couldn't buy oil cloth, apparently few places stock it as it has to be stored in an even temperature, so decided on a waxed cotton, dark green on the wax side and beige on the reverse......

.....made a very simple sketch and decided how many pockets etc.

I measured everything twice then cut out two rectangles. As this was to store sharp tools I stitched wadding between the two layers with the beige side for the interior......

.....straight line stitching for added strength and because I enjoy the process!

I folded the bottom over and stitched 7 pockets then had fun designing and stitching initials....

...this is on the inside.

Just need to buy some strong tape to wrap around and it will be finished.

Only 2 more items  left on my 'To Do' list!!

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