Saturday 24 May 2014

One of Those Days!!

24th May 2014

I was up early, put the washing out, made some cards using my pressed flowers and silk paper for our park fundraiser next week, went to town for bits and pieces and enjoyed 'mooching'. I bought a small wooden rolling pin to adapt for printing, a giant rubber to make stamps and a selection of brushes and sponges on sticks for printing, all for £2.60!!

Arrived home, washing nearly dry and my Stitch magazine had arrived.... all good so far...

.....then, the microwave wasn't working properly, I couldn't  load my printer on my laptop, my camera won't take photos-card error- went to pick some flowers for pressing and it was POURING down, soaking my nearly dry washing!!!

So stitched my pompoms to the bunting and made two cakes, fruit and lemon drizzle, poured myself a glass of red and decided to share my very odd day with you!!!

 Sorry there are no photos, I have ordered a new card for my camera and hope that works!!

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