Saturday 17 May 2014

Marbling Course

17th May 2014

Here I am again!!

I had my laptop back yesterday with a new hard drive and hopefully photos from my course! One slight problem I can't find my I-photo program and am unable to download photos from my camera!
At least I have managed to post a blog, which I couldn't do yesterday. Wish I was more 'techy'!!!

This course was a Christmas Gift from my daughter and we have both been looking forward to it.
It was run by Jemma Lewis in her garden studio.

We left London at 7.45 and at 9.15 we were 12 miles from Jemma.... we didn't arrive at the studio until 11 as there had been a traffic accident, not a good start as I hate being late!! We phoned to say we were delayed and Jemma was fine, waiting with a coffee and cake.

After putting on our old clothes Jemma showed us the 'ingredients' needed for marbling as well as her beautiful papers.

The paper was gift wrap  size and called Wibalin, this was coated with a solution of alum- an important part of the process as the paint adhered to this. There was a large metal tray containing Carrageen powder solution, this was 'gloopy'. Paint used was Windsor and Newton designer Guache mixed with a little water and a drop of diluted washing up liquid. Also needed were fan shaped brushes for sprinkling the paint onto the surface.

Jemma demonstrated then we each had a go. We found ourselves holding our breath at each stage and we were so excited when we lifted the paper off the solution to see what we had created!

Our last 3 papers were our own choice of colours and technique, I was really tired at this point but so enjoyed making shapes with a stylus and then a pin, such beautiful swirls and delicate patterns.

 I am hoping my papers will arrive today and that I will be able to download the photos!!!

Watch this space, I'm hoping my son will be able to help me upload photos later today.

Just a taster as these were on my desktop.....

...peeling the paper off very carefully....

...Catherine looking pleased!!

Me concentrating...

....after splattering 4 colours and using 3 techniques with stylus and 'combs' I am also looking very pleased!!!

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