Friday 9 April 2021


 9th April 2021

This has been inspired by a textile artist I have followed for a long time, Emma Wigginton, who has been providing free workshops on U-Tube during lockdown.

Strips of a variety of fabrics in shades of green, mostly hand dyed layered on a cotton wadding backing....

....embellished then free machined...

...stems and leaves machined in place...

...then daffodils, I intended taking more photos of the stages but got carried away and forgot!!

I really like the textures and have used some of my turmeric dyed silk for the centres. I didn't stitch all the petals as I wanted the texture.

Thank you Emma for the ideas, will definitely use this idea for backgrounds, think I might make tulips next, watch this space!

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  1. I love all the processes involved in this piece Irene. It's stunning.