Sunday 28 March 2021

Bookmarks and slow stitching

 28th March 2021

Just a quick up-date....

....the centre bookmark is for my gorgeous granddaughter who is now enjoying chapter books being read to her, we have started with 'The Twits' which she is really enjoying. This was an off-cut from a postcard I made and as she loves the seaside decided to make her a bookmark with her name embroidered on the back.

The other two are made from an experiment using my hand dyed fabrics and wavy line weaving, thought they would make fundraising gifts later in the year.

This is a slow stitched piece which has taken a while to do! Thought I might mount it on a canvas frame when shops open again.

The background is some of my indigo dyed calico and used the circular pattern and extended with stitch circles.

Close ups, some of my favourite simple stitches....

....used washers to fill small spaces.

I am now slow stitching some wool I eco dyed with eucalyptus leaves but need more variety of colours in my embroidery threads so again am waiting for the shops to open! I have tried ordering on line but the colours are never what I was expecting. 
I miss the craft shows for hand dyed threads.


  1. Absolutely adore your Granddaughters bookmark, so special, although I like the others too but that one is my Favourite. Love your other dimple stitching too. You are so talented Irene 🥰

  2. You slow stitching is gorgeous. I love the red as it co yeasts so nicely.
    The book marks are gorgeous too. X