Sunday 6 September 2020

W i P...

6th September 2020

A wall hanging which has been in my workroom since the beginning of lockdown!!! My creative juices have been affected severely!

I have used my own dyed fabrics, indigo and tea, the middle is silk and the top is muslin.

Adding various strips of assorted fabric to create texture...

...some free machine stitching but mostly hand stitching which I love doing while listening to an audio book, escapism!!

Still lots more to do, watch this space, I may even complete it by Christmas!!


I have made a little rope bowl with a tutorial from Pinterest....

...cotton rope is wound round and secured with pins then machined using zigzag stitch...

....I cut some indigo dyed silk strips to wind round the rope and continued to stitch in place, quite fiddly, need more practise!

The thread is to illustrate size, a small ring bowl, think I might stitch a button on the edge to decorate, not bad for a first attempt.


Again U Tube tutorials helped me to crochet these flowers...

...and this Granny Square...

....I have used them to decorate a crochet strip for yarn bombing a tree.

Took quite a while to complete but I can crochet while watching TV.


Last but not least I have up-cycled a coffee tin using hessian, the container can be used for seed heads, pens, pencils or paint brushes.

All for now x


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