Sunday 10 December 2017

Quick Catch Up

10th December 2017

There are 160 completed squares here, I need about 80 more and have managed 20 this week. I have so enjoyed making these, they measure 8 cm. Today I ordered more of the grey to join them all up to complete my throw.

Found this deep 4" x4" frame in 'the Range', ideal for this shell weaving on my indigo, potassium dyed shibori linen fabric....

....used white felt and assorted white/silver fabrics/ribbons... make a fabric, think I am going to make a bird decoration and angel tree hanging with it.

I buy books from the charity shops and found these good ones, similar to Dan Brown...

....and a thriller.

Will be taking them back this week and choose more for over Christmas.

Also been baking, chocolate iced buns,  never last long in this house...

...and a new ginger cake recipe from River Cottage, I love how gingery it is and don't think this will be in the cake tin long either!!

I have also finished the back and 2 sleeves of the aran jacket, so many things 'on the go' and so little time as I am going to London on Friday to see the family then am 'house sitting' over Christmas, a new experience for me but am looking forward to it!

Hope to post again later in the week with some finished items......

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