Tuesday 25 July 2017

Day 2.. Free Machining on Soluble Film

25th July 2017

Another great day with Angie Hughes, but first photos from the resist work that I forgot to photograph yesterday!

I really love the overprinting and effects of masking, both positive/negative, will definitely use this technique again.


Working on soluble film today, actually using quite a thick film over organza... was difficult to see the markings on the film and follow the lines because the machine plate was visible, so made a small hole in a piece of paper which was placed under the foot and taped in place, this made the free machining so much easier to do.

Traced leaf shapes with a biro onto the film/organza, and stitched around using a variety of threads. I didn't have to worry about making all the stitches overlap as the organza made a fabric base....

...cut out, soaked in water to remove the film and placed on kitchen paper to dry, another really useful technique. Might make autumn leaves using various shades of background organza.


This is a print from my machine stitched tree printed onto the therma pad, over printed with metallic copper acrylic leaf stencil....

....this was covered in a layer of green organza, then gold....

....leaf shapes then stitched around using metallic green thread...

.....more work on this piece tomorrow.... this space!


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