Thursday 23 February 2017


23rd February 2017

My camera has died!!

I thought about seeing about a repair but have decided against it, I may as well put that money towards a new camera with a 5yr warranty. Perfect timing as I am on my course in Cornwall the first week in March so will definitely need a camera for that.

This is the last photo I took, a cardigan for Alba, you can tell the focus is off!!!

I have used Malabar yarn cotton/silk mix, so soft with a good range of colours.


My youngest son actually wore the socks I made for him, his verdict without any prompt from me was 'extremely comfortable', this was accompanied by a look of amazement!!!


Storm Doris hit us last night, extremely wet and windy and has continued today.

Hope it is better tomorrow as we are supposed to be taking down the yarn bombing in the park.

Hopefully more photos next time I post....

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