Thursday 9 February 2017

A Brilliant Week.....

9th February 2017

The last week has been so good spending time with my family. I met my great nephew for the first time, so beautiful, went to Kew with my eldest son and spent lots of time with my gorgeous granddaughter, she is such fun to be around and definitely 'on the move'.

While I was having a sort out of my work space in January I came across a JL bag with a half finished  baby cardigan!! It was from so long ago the baby it was meant for is now 8 years old!! I brought it to London with me and finished it for Alba......

...a pretty pattern but really needed to concentrate on the border, undid it at least 3 times!

Apologies for the photo looking blurry, must have had the camera on the wrong setting.

My daughter asked if I could make Alba some simple summer dresses, of course I said yes and went to JL at Kingston to look for a pattern and fabric. 

It is so long since I made clothes, apart from doll/rabbit outfits I am quite looking forward to it!

Amazing the effects a granddaughter has.

I also have been trying to do 10,000 steps a day and have easily achieved this walking Alba around the park.

Off to see Strictly at Wembley tonight then back to Blackpool tomorrow!

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