Sunday, 29 November 2015

November Update!!

29th November 2015

This was my kitchen when I arrived home after my Vietnam trip ( seems like a dream now )....

.....these cupboards were all wood when I left, RD had been very busy sanding and undercoating.....

....first job was to order the paint for the top coat!!

After  a week painting order was more or less restored!


Have worn my new Seasalt wellies a LOT during the last three weeks and they are really comfy!

In between washing, ironing, shopping and cooking I have escaped to my loft space for some creativity, I do love this little bird stamp, and my cinnamon covered candle. I have also been making Christmas cards and gifts but can't show yet!!


Made lots of colourful strips to wind around netting and branches in the park .....

.....Enid made a sunflower/bee for the side of the bowlers shed...

.... this blue-tit using oddments of wool....

.....and this wonderful web...

....Wilma, Enid and Avril all busy knitting and nattering on a Saturday afternoon!!

Quite a few others are making amazing items for our second yarn bomb in the park and I will post pictures when they are in place.


Last Sunday we had a beautiful day after all the rain and gale force winds so I walked along the prom into Blackpool, so lovely to see/feel the sun after so many dark grey days.....

....can you see the wind farm?

These are structures on the promenade near the tower and show wind direction, fairly straight last week, they were bent right over yesterday!!


Went o Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show on Friday, I have never been before and it was BRILLIANT!

 Amazing and beautiful work by 


Weaving using a huge variety of items.... favourite...


Old silk dyed using natural indigo.


This was hand/machine stitched felt, the stitching has created lots of texture, this photo doesn't do this large hanging  justice....

....this was appliqu├ęd and stitched, just a small corner of a much larger quilted piece.....

.....weaving with a variety of threads and printed/curled hand made paper....

....a quilted wall hanging of a Dragon fruit, reminded me of my breakfasts in Vietnam!!


The was a space for 'Artists in Action', spent ages here watching 

Caroline Bell

eco dyeing using leaves and bark, must have another go at this, her work was so beautiful...

....another inspirational artist demonstrating wool felting incorporating silk fabric....

Claire Bullock was a fabulous day and an event I will be going to for the weekend next year!!


Today I have been making mince pies as we are hopefully putting our Christmas tree up in the park, having carols, mulled wine and mince pies, just hope the wind and rain ease!!!!


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