Sunday 19 July 2015

Dyeing with Avocado!

19th July 2015

I forgot to mention yesterday that I attended a meeting with EG members and Harriet Riddell, a mixed media artist specialising in observational drawing in stitch.

She is working on a project with Dementia patients relating to their memories of food....

...after spending a couple of days chatting to patients in care homes she produced this amazing cloth...

.....stitch portraits and the words spoken.... EG is helping with this project which will be displayed in the Winter Gardens in October.

Will keep you updated.


Today the wonderful wind has dried three loads of washing!


I also finished my third mixed media picture and RD liked it..... three pictures are now on the wall and I am just a little proud!


Also had a go at dyeing with avocado skins and seeds....

.....boiled this charity shop find in the water for about an hour.....

.....the result is similar to tea dyeing.....

...a useful shade!

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