Tuesday 28 May 2013

Twin needle

28th May 2013

I layered 3 pieces of linen fabric in wavy lines.
The first was plain, the other 2 I had printed in different ways using primary colour fabric paints.
I lightly sponge printed in red and blue then applied  red using a cork. The other piece I sponge printed in red, overprinted in painted bubble wrap then cork printed yellow on the blue circles.
I stitched the layers together in a red automatic stitch.

Now for the twin needle!!
I have never used one before and was a little apprehensive in case the thread tangled but it was great and will also do fancy stitches. I had yellow and blue top threads and used straight, zigzag and wavy stitches and for the first time overstitched the joins to see the effect. I am looking forward to trying feather stitch with the twin needle.

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