Wednesday 29 May 2013

Experimenting with dye and stitches

29th May 2013

Last night I cut 2 pieces of fabric (muslin and washed calico) the same size. Placing the muslin over the calico I then brushed the surface with water. Next I took liquid red, blue and yellow dye and brushed this from left to right over the cloth. The colours were really vibrant and stripy. Then I went to bed.

I came down this morning and the colours on the muslin were very muted and delicate and when I looked at the calico beneath there were my vibrant colours!! The dyes had merged so my fabrics looked completely different from the night before. I have now decided to take photos of the fabric when I first use the dyes then again when the fabric has dried as the difference is quite amazing!

I cut pieces from both fabrics to fiddle with later.

I decided to stitch 2 shades and widths of organza ribbon diagonally on one piece. These were attached using my twin needle in three different stitches. I like the effect of the patterned stitch and twin needle as it gives texture to the fabric.
The downside is I didn't set the dye by washing as I wanted to keep the colours as they were so my fingers are now a purply colour from handling the fabric during stitching!! I might try in diluted fabric paint another time. I did say at the beginning that this was a learning curve for me but I just love it.

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