Sunday 12 September 2021

Mixed Media

 12th September 2021

I started this in July, inspired by the beautiful wild flower meadows in the London Parks....

....I layered up various fabrics, some hand dyed/painted and different textures, pinned in place on cotton wadding, then used my embellisher..... 

....I changed the sky to some indigo dyed silk rather than have the dark blue in the previous photo!

Free machined some grasses in the background....

....added french knots, poppies and daises with hand stitching...

.....more hand-stitching, decided to leave it at that.

If I made something like this again I would do a lot more background stitching before adding the flowers, but it does bring back happy memories of park visits with the grandchildren!

The embellished background idea came from Emma Wigginton, textile artist, who gives free demos on You-tube

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