Thursday 26 November 2020

Christmas cards and tree hangers

26th November 2020

Hello everyone, do hope you are all keeping well. My magazine project 'kick started' me into a few creative days  which I will now share with you....

....I used a red felt base and stitched on a variety of ribbons from my stash and discovered how easy it was to use the automatic stitches on my fairly new machine, had such fun playing and would highly recommend! 

This was using red and silver...

...enjoyed the procedure so much I made a gold and red!

Made card templates and made a selection of cards.

Again using felt and ribbons from my stash made these.


I think I have mentioned Emma Wigginton before and this is another of her free projects on u-tube....

...layer fabric strips onto a calico base to form a landscape, first attempt, but was not happy!!

2nd attempt, ready for my embellisher...

...after embellisher and ready for machine/hand embroidery, I love the way the embellisher brings out the texture of the fabrics.

Will continue this project this week so watch this space!

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  1. Wow you have been so busy your creations are beautiful. Thx for your email I will be in touch 😘