Sunday 2 August 2020

Lovely walks and knitting

2nd August 2020

I have been making myself go out for more walks the last few weeks!!!

I live very near to the amazing Richmond Park where social distancing is fairly easy to achieve and was delighted last week to see the grounds of Pembroke Lodge were open again. The flowers were so beautiful in colour and design and buzzing with bees and butterflies.

At last my mixed media experiment is finished and hanging on the wall. I used my hand dyed fabrics and old linen embroidered cloths then stitched over the whole piece as suggested by Anne Kelly, this took ages and a great deal of thread but I do like the effect. Used some of my old handmade cotton indigo dyed lace to finish the bottom edge and a stick collected on my rambles to mount it!!

This beret was made using a Drops 80% wool yarn from my stash, left over from a blanket, quite pleased with the result.


Another walk in the park, I try to walk different paths each time, this was early morning but still very warm....

.....there were deer roaming free in these ferns but was unable to take a clear picture.

Yarn bombing project in the pipe line, more on that next time.....

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  1. What beautiful scenery.
    I love the way you have incorporated so many items from your stash in you new work. It's lovely.