Thursday 27 June 2019

Craft Stall and Eco Dyeing

27th June 2019

Goodness it has been ages since I posted on my blog, really don't know where the time has gone!!

I had a craft stall in the local craft fair.....

...sold some cards and indigo dyed tea towels and met some lovely people.
As I was walking home last week all these leaves were lying on the pavement beneath a huge eucalyptus tree, just had to pick up a few, was hoping they would eco dye orange. 

I usually just steam a bundle whenever I have dyed this way before but thought I would investigate on Google. This person boiled the bundle in a mixture of white vinegar /water and a small amount of rust water. so thought I would have a go. 

Could not believe my eyes when I took the bundle out of the pan, I rinsed in cold water then left to almost dry in the bundle. When unwrapped after it had completely dried this was the result!

Close up, rather a sludgy colour but might look better with a hand stitched outline.


One of my neighbours has an allotment and I offered to weed and water while they are away.....

....found this beautiful dandelion seed head, 9cm diameter, so brought it home for my vase of seed heads, don't know how long it will last.....

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