Thursday 9 May 2019

Simple recycling and a finished project

9th May 2019

I have up-cycled my empty coffee tins to make useful containers for my work space....

....all the fabrics have been in my stash for a long time....

.....this was a Shibori Indigo sample from my first work shop using velvet and have finished with a strip of hand dyed silk bow... of my collection of old linen tablecloths, all the lace is hand crocheted but it had a couple of stains I just couldn't remove so used up the last of my indigo dye and made a pattern in the centre, also dyed 4 napkins, pleased with the result!

I made a picture on my last course in Cornwall but wasn't really happy with the result so pinned it up in my workroom for inspiration and decided to make some leaves using water soluble film and variegated threads....

...result, the smaller pieces are for moss on another unfinished piece!!

I do prefer this 3D picture with the machine embroidered leaves added, it gives more depth and texture, all the fabrics are hand dyed and the petals are painted silk velvet.....

....stamens are tubular beads on wire with the ends wrapped in embroidery thread, the background is seed stitched.


Also had my gorgeous granddaughter over and we spent a pleasant hour feeding the ducks in Richmond, we especially loved the beautiful Mandarins.

Finally a creation made by my gorgeous girl who loves painting, glueing and sticking....

....just love sitting beside her while she talks, sings and creates!!

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