Sunday 4 November 2018

Making a pin cushion in a pewter find!

4th November 2018

Another week with lots of sunshine and only one or two showers,amazing for November!!

Also wonderful cloud formations.


I bought this little cup and saucer pin cushion in March and last week accidentelly knocked it off my work table, so cross with myself!! 

Earlier this week I was mooching around charity shops and found a little pewter container, very dirty, for £3 and decided to make myself a new, unbreakable pin cushion...

....I cleaned the outside with soapy water and polished with a dry soft cloth, poured a little PVA glue in the base...

....wrapped a small ball of wire wool in fleece and needle felted...

....kept adding fleece and felting until the container was full...

.....I love it!!!


Added more stitching to my beach scene but still think it needs more detail...

....stitched some flowers on organza and soluble film in metallic gold thread...

....cut them out with my soldering iron but haven't used them yet!!


Made a card for my lovely daughter, printed on linen and stitched using back stitch..

....bought this great book earlier in the year and as I pre-ordered it had the felt free...

....guess what I am making!


I have set up a craft group in my new community and was telling the group how exciting Indigo Shibori was and showed them these samples from a couple of years ago...

....this is my favourite and took longer to unpick than it did to stitch, decided to mount them on Khadi paper then a canvas frame to put on my wall. I really want to do a lot more and have been searching Pinterest for ideas.


Lastly had a play with paints and my Gelli plate, great fun and have lots of bright coloured papers for any mixed media work I want to do!

This week is busy, eye tests, dentist for a broken back tooth, a trip to London Zoo with my gorgeous Alba and next weekend my crafting friend from Blackpool is coming to visit!

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