Saturday 15 September 2018

A Very Busy Week!!

15th September 2018

Last weekend my sister came over to fit the blinds she had made for me, photo doesn't do them justice.....

....Monday was spent with Alba and involved 16000 steps!!!
The weather was beautiful as we walked through a golf course to Bunny Park in Hanwell where we visited the little zoo and enjoyed an ice cream before Alba played on the park.

Love walking through 'tree tunnels'.


This is one of the table top covers made using fleece matching the colours in my living room curtains and blind, just need to trim it to size, enjoyed the process of needle felting on my embellisher....

....the second table top cover will have a needle felted base and colour and texture from some of my many dyed fabrics.


Tuesday I had a delivery from IKEA....

....from this.... this....

...and this... this..

...also made up this shelving, a real sense of achievement as I did it all by myself, I might add it took 2 days in all!!

Now I need to have a VERY BIG sort out in my craft room and label everything, might take a while!!


On Thursday I went to the Nordic Walking class, the weather was glorious again and as only 2 came for various reasons we were worked very hard!! Nordic walking is much more than 'walking with sticks', so many things to remember, chin up, shoulders down and relaxed, steps from heel to toe where you push down hard with the toes, straight arms at all times and push down the stick as you dig in the ground!!! It is a brain as well as body work out and I am really enjoying it!
Friday saw me at the charity shop pricing DVD's and measuring a big pile of fabric that had been donated, I resisted buying any!!

Today involves shopping for groceries, washing and lots of sorting!!


Finished the baby blanket, I used 'corner to corner ' crochet, so easy to pick up and put down and it grows quickly. 

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