Friday 15 June 2018

The Joys of Homesitting!!!

15th June 2018

My first homesit was last Christmas looking after a cat and dog, the dog was a delight and loved his walks. Since then I have done 8 more weeks looking after 2 different cats and another cat/dog. Such an experience seeing how very different they all are and such characters!!
 The last 2 weeks I have been looking after the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, long soft fur, beautiful markings and blue eyes! She took a couple of days to get used to me and now joins me on the sofa, stretches out for tummy tickles and loves sitting on my laptop while I am stitching!!

While getting dressed this week she jumped into my small case....

.....this week on Tuesday night managed to get into her food store basket with a basket of toys on top...

....and created this horrible mess, she had opened this new bag of treats and punctured 3 packets of wet food which had leaked all over the basket liner!
Needless to say she didn't want her breakfast next morning! I now fasten the buckles on the basket so she can't get in! She woke me at 4am this morning, payback for locking her store!!


Tripped over a paving stone this week and landed rather heavily on my right knee causing threads to break in my comfiest jeans...

....decided to do a Boro repair, a Japanese way of mending visbly, and am quite pleased with the result, prefer this to a hole.


I love walking around Richmond especially near the river and saw these delightful ducklings and a Heron fishing nearby.


Remember I started this a few weeks ago and it was meant for a card for my granddaughter but made this solid stuffed shape instead using her favourite colour at the moment -PINK! Thought it might stand on her book shelf. 

Off to her birthday party tomorrow with the rest of the family, really looking forward to it....

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