Wednesday 28 September 2016

Sorting and Tidying!!!

28th September 2016

Does anyone else put things in a safe place???

I do, then of course can't remember where!!!

I have a gift bag of cards, collected at textile fairs from my favourite artists, and can't find it anywhere.

I have been clearing cupboards and also spent 4 hours this afternoon sorting and tidying my loft space work room, still haven't finished and not found the bag!!!!

I wanted to see what toys I had kept in the hope of having a grandchild but they were in a very awkward place in a cupboard under the eaves, a breeding ground for spiders so I asked RD to look for me.....
....all I can see are his legs but he did find lots of toys.... I took before and after photos as I thought I would get all my space orderly this afternoon...... desk/work area I am ashamed to say.... pleased to see my desk again!

A lot of this belongs to my son and yarn bombing....

....I can see the floor!!

Work in progress has been placed in a box....

.....this area hasn't look so good since I moved in...

....just this fabric to sort!!!

I have 4 bags for the charity shop and 2 bags for the park tombola....

... a very satisfying day!

Hope to be creative at the weekend.......

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